Insect damage in our roof

So ants have been more than disturbing us lately.  There are always the never ending driver ants that you have to step over on the pathway, and sometimes you’ll get bit by a big stink ant, but those problems are slight.  In process of re-wiring our attic light last week, we found some sort of termite that is doing damage up there.  We have no idea how they got in there, but we had to tear out a bunch of walk-way boards and it unfortunately seems like they were starting to burrow/eat into one of our trusses.

To make matters worse, a couple days ago, Syd was painting up under our gable and started finding all sorts of ant damage…a different kind of ant this time that seems to be eating into the wood.  There is damage on the central beam of our roof.  We can’t see everything though, so who knows where else the ants are eating into.  We are especially discouraged to have just found this… if we had found it 2-3 weeks earlier before our ceiling was put in, it would have made things a lot easier to take care of.

As is, we have no clue at this point what to do.  Syd is having visions of the whole roof eventually collapsing on us.  The different contractors that we have talked to in country have never dealt with this.  We are going to look into different options…perhaps we can even hire somehow to come in and professionally take care of it for us.  If anyone reading this has any advice, please let us know somehow.  And if you think of it, please join us in praying for us to figure this out.

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