The Jacksons

Musana Camps full-time staff

In between Envisioning and the Dakota Team coming, Nathan, Kendra, John, and Hannah Jackson (the middle family in the above picture) moved to Musana.  Nathan is very skilled in basically all areas of construction.  In the time that he has been here, he has already worked on a myriad of things that would have taken us at least double the time to accomplish.  Kendra really enjoys learning and teaching about science and she is a great cook, both of which will be very helpful as we continue to grow and host different groups.  We are very excited to have them here.

We are glad that they are great at being flexible and making things work as the only good option for housing was for them to move into our house with us.  So we are getting to share a home for these 2 months until we leave.  John and Malachi are the same age, so Malachi has gotten a crash course in sharing…still got a bit to work on! :)  Hannah was born at the end of December, and Malachi has LOVED having a baby around.  When we leave, they will continue to stay in our house as they build their own.  We are very grateful for them to be looking after things in this way while we are gone.