Malachi’s First Snow

Sledding at Camp Forest Springs

On our way to North Dakota, we swung past Camp Forest Springs for a couple of days.  It was GREAT to reconnect with friends there and hear what the Lord has been doing over these past few years.  Our visit was way too short, but we look forward to more time at CFS later in the year.

Much to their disappointment, the northwoods still has a good foot or so of snow cover.  We were probably the only ones in the whole state who were excited to still find snow there!  Malachi quickly learned how much fun it is to throw snowballs…at people.  And then Syd took him down a small sled hill a couple of times…which he liked only when Syd was on the sled with him.  We have hopes that by next November we will get another chance at snow and our little African boy will be a bigger fan of playing in it! :)