North Dakota

Malachi meeting Grandma Sparks!

So after stopping over a night with some friends in Minnesota, we finally made it to North Dakota where we first spent a night with Syd’s sisters and then made it to his parents’ house the next day (we’ll be staying with them for these next couple of weeks).  Syd’s youngest sister, Keisha, and his Mom had never met Malachi in person yet, so it was great for those moments to finally come.  Krissy was just with us in October and it was fun to see that he seems to remember or have more of a familiarity with her.  Anyway we’ve had a great time seeing everyone again.

On Sunday, the five of us drove into Dickinson (where Syd’s sisters live) so that we could spend the day together.  It was fun finally being all together and we had the added bonus of seeing lots of friends at one of our supporting churches in Dickinson.  We had our first day of nice spring weather yesterday (up in the 50’s or 60’s), and now it’s getting cold again :)  We are starting to get caught up on some things of life (like this website), and that feels really good!

Syd's family