Andrea's family

I will admit that tears definitely came to my eyes as we walked down the hallway from baggage claim at OHare International Airport and saw my family waiting at the other end of those doors.  It was fun that Malachi even recognized them from a distance (from pictures, etc.).  The strange thing that we have continued to experience as we have met up with more family and friends since then, is that it really does not seem like we were gone for almost 3 years.  It seems like time never changed and we are just picking up where we left off in June of 2008.  Definitely a strange feeling.

Anyway, we really enjoyed 2 full weeks with my family in which we were all able to be together for the majority of the time–what a huge blessing!  We ended up being busier than we originally thought with lots of details to try to square away (insurances, cars, etc.) as well as lots to talk through with family.  So we didn’t get to visit many people outside of family, and definitely look forward to that when we are back in Wisconsin later.  We did really enjoy getting to spend time with some of my extended family on my Dad’s side.  Below is our first 4 generational picture with my Dad’s Mom.  More to come as we look forward to visiting our other grandparents!

Four generations