Visiting the Woods


God gave us the biggest blessing of getting to stay at Gary and Louise Wood’s house in South Dakota for almost 2 weeks.  Granted we only got to BE with the Woods for about 5 days, but that was part of the plan…and we took what time we could with them!

We actually had almost a whole week by ourselves (and part of that week Malachi was with his grandparents) while the Woods were at a NHUM board meeting.  This week was a huge gift to us as we were able to talk and process through a lot of our experiences from these past 3 years.  So much of our time in Uganda we were in a fast-paced, survival mode as we tried to get the camp running, so we needed to step back, reflect and learn from our experiences.  We were grateful for God’s work in our hearts, showing us areas that we need to change in order to return in a more healthy state…living more from a place of rest in God.  And as we looked back on these years, we were blown away time and again by how it was so clearly GOD who was building Musana Camps…He chose to use us in all of our weakness, but it was HIS hand doing everything.  I know that this sounds like such an obvious statement, but the beauty of it hit us in such a new way.

Anyway, we had some great visits with other friends in the Spearfish area during that time, and then we got to welcome the Woods back to their home :)  It was so good to see them both again and we all had lots to catch up on.  We are so grateful for the Lord putting people in our lives that can speak wisdom and truth into us.