A week at Grandma and Grandpa Hilkers

Building with Grandpa H #1

Building with Grandpa H #2

Building with Grandpa H #3

Building with Grandpa H #4

We enjoyed a short visit with Andrea’s parents and sisters at the beginning of June.  Malachi had lots of time with Grandpa, Grandma and even his aunts as we left him for a bit while we went on a special get-away.  While we were all together, we got to enjoy being on the lake together one day as well as a picnic with Andrea’s extended family.  The night before heading back to North Dakota, we had the opportunity to meet with the missions’ committee from our home church in Wisconsin.

Also while in Wisconsin, Andrea had an ultrasound and doctor’s appointment and was happy to find out that the baby is healthy and growing well.  At the time of the ultrasound, Andrea was “diagnosed” with placenta previa, a condition which will necessitate a c-section if nothing changes.  Sort of a bummer, so we are hoping that the Lord will move that placenta by the time of delivery!  But regardless, we are happy that the baby seems healthy and Andrea is doing well.