A race and a reunion



We’ve had a couple of fun opportunities to hang out with Syd’s Mom’s side of the family (the DuCharmes) during the last couple of weeks.  July 4th brought the Glendive Bump ‘N Run in which 3 of Syd’s cousins race.  For those of you who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about (because I didn’t either until now!), in simplest terms a Bump ‘N Run is an event in which demolition derby meets dirt track racing.  Lots of dirt, lots of loud engines, lots of “bumping”, and lots of fun.  There was a whole section of DuCharme family members cheering the guys on.  We had a great time and then we ended the evening with a bbq.

A few days later, all 6 of the DuCharme siblings (and many of the kids including us) gathered at the farm where they were raised to have a family reunion.  It was great to see everyone together and to have the chance for Malachi and me to meet many of Syd’s relatives.