A story and prayer request from Musana

This is an email from Dave one of our co-workers at Musana Camps regarding one of our neighbors that we have had many problems with.  As you read please pray for the camp staff that are still in Uganda and for our neighbor Kiwanuka.



“The timing of your call was perfect!  Haha.  Seriously, keep praying for Kiwanuka.  I don’t know what will come of this, but I have a feeling it could be a significant thing taking place either way.  He may really crack and come around, or may become even more hostile and really disturb us.  God knows and we obviously are just trusting God no matter what he does.

I gave him a ride from Gaba  (our closest town) to the gate and he was drunk.  He thanked me up and down and wanted to come to my house and give me a chicken to thank me for giving him a ride, then he wanted me to take him home to Bulinyi (another nearby village).  I told him I was taking him as far as the gate and I had to go and I would come visit him Monday.  When I left him with Sam at the gate, he started giving Sam a hard time and said he was going to my house.  Thankfully, Sam said no you can’t go there, you visit during the day sometime.  Kiwanuka started fighting with him and then tried to run away.  Sam had to physically restrain him.  Thankfully, Olowo (one of the camp construction contractors) and his 2 guys were coming back to Gaba from working at the site and helped Sam.  They rang me and David (David is now our head security guard and doing a great job overall!) and asked for help.  David rallied all the guards and they literally sprinted all the way to the gate from Nalumuli (the fishing village next to the camp)!  I didn’t know they were all going or contacted, so I just grabbed Medie and we went to help Sam.  When we got there, Kiwanuka had tried to assault David with his panga (a machete which he had been hiding in his trousers) and tried to cut him and was fighting everybody, so they had to restrain him and had him basically sitting on the ground encircling him.

When Medie and I got there we calmed down the situation and decided we had to take him to the police.  He was drunk and aggressive and there was no way we could just release him.

So he’s still in jail and saying he’s not guilty of anything.  His family wants us to get him out, but it’s really not in our hands anymore…the police are just kind of doing what they want.  We told the police that if he “reforms” and seeks forgiveness and is willing to cooperate, we won’t press the issue and let him go.  Since he failed to do that, the police said they want to keep him and “soften him up and reform him” and I fear exactly what that means…and they may also require he go to court now.

So please pray about this seriously.  I feel like if Kiwanuka has a serious change of heart, he could actually be a pretty cool guy and an ally.  This situation may force it out one way or the other…   He’s always threatening our people and is always aggressive when I see him.  So it’s been touchy to begin with.  I’m really hoping this just means it’s all going to get settled one way or the other.

It’s in God’s hands.  Just wanted to send an update to you and a few others on this situation.  Thanks for your prayers.