Traveling and Sharing about Musana Camps

Sharing about Musana Camps

Throughout the past month or so, we’ve had the privilege of visiting different churches and lots of friends and sharing about what God has been doing at Musana Camps.  Our travels have taken us from Lemmon, SD to Dickinson, ND to Baker, MT to Billings, MT to Minot, ND and places in between.  We have really enjoyed reconnecting with people, meeting new people and just hearing stories about what God is doing in all of these different places.  As we’ve visited with people, we’ve seen a dinosaur/creation museum, driven up the Bear Tooth Mountains and seen all of the remaining snow drifts, seen a lot of flooding as a result of some of that snow, seen lots of horses and cows (much to Malachi’s delight), and even enjoyed some fireworks.  We have some pictures from these travels on the picture page of this website if you are interested.