Camp Connections

We made it safely to Elkhorn!  We were very grateful for smooth travels and lots of great visits along the way.  Our week was filled with a lot of different camp connections: visiting Syd’s sister at the camp she is working at this summer, staying with some Trails’ End friends and visiting a camp in their area, meeting up with former Camp Forest Springs (CFS) co-workers, and finally ending up at CFS for a few days.

While at CFS, we really enjoyed reconnecting with staff and even former campers that were at family camp for the week.  Malachi got to experience all sorts of fun activities at camp including going on a rowboat ride similar to the one that we took on our wedding day (the hill directly behind us in the pic is where Syd and I got married almost 4 years ago).  And during an evening session, Syd was able to personally thank the family campers for their part last summer in raising funds for Musana Camps’ meeting hall.

So we are now down with Grandpa and Grandma Hilker for a while and will be settling in to our own little place in a few weeks.  We’ll be in the Wisconsin area for almost four months and look forward to spending time with people here!