Construction Update


Over the past couple of months several different construction projects have been going on at Musana.  The Bouffards moved into their new home in April and have been working to finish the inside since then.  The Jacksons as well have started construction on a house just up from the Bouffard’s house.  A contracted crew is busy working on that each day.

The camp has been in process of putting a pump down at the stream as well as building a cistern to collect water from the main buildings in the first rustic site.  These two additions will be a great help us, enabling us to plan ahead so that we do not run out of water when groups are at camp.  And pictured above is the meeting hall which just recently had its concrete floor poured.  We can’t wait to see all of these visible changes when we get back!

If you are interested, we posted more pictures of these projects on the photo page.