Headed to Wisconsin


After 4 months and over 6,000 miles in the Dakota area, we are heading out to Wisconsin tomorrow to spend the next several months there.  It’s been great being out here and we have really enjoyed all of the opportunities that we have had to visit with family and friends as we have been sharing about Musana Camps and life in Uganda.  We have been privileged to be able to share in eleven churches out in this area!  We have been grateful for the many encouraging responses that we have received.

Once we reach Wisconsin, a family from Andrea’s home church has graciously offered the use of their basement apartment (in Elkhorn, WI, the same town that Andrea’s family lives in)–it’s actually the basement of the house that we were living in before we moved to Uganda three years ago!  So it is nice to be going back to something “familiar” and it will be great to have our own place for a while, especially as baby #2 comes in September.

We’re excited for the many opportunities ahead to visit with family, friends, and churches in the Wisconsin area.  As you think of it, please pray for our continued safety in travels.  We are grateful for the Lord’s protection and provision throughout our time this summer!