Musana Needs, History, and Status


We’ve been working for the last several months on a comprehensive needs list for Musana Camps and I am happy to say that we finally have it ready.  The items listed will finish Musana’s rustic camp site and firmly establish operations as we move forward into future programs and developments.  Please take a look at the list which is located under the Musana Camps drop down menu on the website.  You will also see that we added a couple of other pages; History and Camp Status. We have added a little about the history of Musana as well as the status of the camp.  Please check back on the camp status to see how we are doing and what we are focusing on at the camp as time goes on.

If while glancing over the list you are stirred to help with one of the needed areas, please contact us or the NHUM director, Gary Wood (; 800.611.6486)