What do we do???


One common thing people ask is what do we do while we are here in the US.  Nine months is a long time to be away from your usual “work”.  Contrary to what some think, this actually is not a vacation time for us.  We had six weeks at the beginning of our time in the states to just spend together and with family with the aim of getting refreshed and refocused after 3 years in a different culture in which we faced many struggles.  During that time, we were blessed to do some debriefing and counseling that really helped us to further grow from our experiences and learn how to return to Uganda with a healthier game plan.

Once those 6 weeks were over, we began our time of traveling and sharing about the last three years and the future of Musana Camps.  The purpose of this traveling is to reconnect with people who have been part of our lives and ministry in various ways these past few years as well as to raise awareness for the ministry of Musana Camps.  In doing this, we hope to encourage and be a blessing and we hope to see the Lord raise up more people to be involved in Musana Camps through prayer, giving, raising awareness, or even coming on a volunteer team.

In the midst of this traveling, we have communication that we need to keep up–notes to write, phone calls to make, and work emails back and forth from Uganda as well as with people and churches within the states.  Syd has been working on updating different materials for Musana such as a needs list and some photo history books.  Once our travel pace slows down in Wisconsin, we will be researching and outlining a curriculum (including teaching, books, and programs/activities) to implement for Musana’s programs, particularly the men’s and women’s programs.  Somewhere in the midst of having another baby, Andrea hopes to dig out the language books that she brought home in order to refresh and build on her Luganda!

Hopefully that gives a better picture of some of the things that fill our work days for those of you who are curious!  We’re open to questions, so feel free to ask!