Medical Outreach 2011


Musana Camps recently hosted our second medical outreach with a team of of medically trained people from Lynden, Washington.  It was a tremendous success.  One of the greatest needs of the people in our area is good medical care, and so this has been a way that we can really make a difference.  Musana Camps is planning to build a clinic to help meet the needs of the community as well as our own needs at the camp.  The closest medical care is more than an hour and a half away over a pothole-infested road or a slow and leaky rented boat ride on the lake… both make critical care a real challenge.

Our plans to counteract this are to build our own clinic (we have the money to build the initial building and are planning to start construction soon), build an air strip that is accessible for Mission Aviation Fellowship planes for critical patients, and get a good boat with a good motor for trips over the lake if needed.

Our one major obstacle right now is that we need medical people to staff the clinic.  Would you join us in praying that God would send us the right personnel to get this clinic started and running.  There are more pictures of the outreach included on the photos page of the website.