Winding Down


October has FLOWN by!!!!  I guess that having a baby at the beginning of the month had a significant part in that.  Eva is doing well (although she has had a small cold off and on) and the rest of us are enjoying her and adjusting to our new family dynamics.  Malachi continues to love on her which has been a huge blessing!

Beyond visiting with people and spending time with family, we’ve had a few opportunities to share more about Musana Camps.  With Eva just a week old, we jumped in to a weekend missions conference at Calvary Community Church.  It was exciting to connect with some other cross-cultural workers that the church supports.  That Wednesday night, we shared in our church’s AWANA program since the camp was chosen to be the missions project for the year.  It was fun hearing a bunch of 5-10 year olds singing a Luganda praise song!

Syd also had the opportunity to share about the ministry in Uganda at a local public school (the teacher who asked him to come goes to our church here).  By the end of the presentation, the kids had clearly heard the reason for which the camp exists–to share the gospel and grow people in their relationship with Christ.  It’s not everyday that you get an opportunity like that!

And one other notable occurrence–Eva got her first sailboat ride (at 9 days old!) with Grandpa Hilker before having to take the boat out of the water the same day. We posted more pictures under Sparks October Photos on the photos page of our web site.