East Coast Trip


So we moved out of the apartment we were blessed to live in this fall and 2 days later, we hit the road (at 5 in the morning!) for the East Coast.  We were blessed with safe travels and good health — something we take for granted far too often!  We will say that Eva does NOT like to travel in the car…but we all managed to make it through :)  And Malachi was GREAT.  As a sidenote, Malachi’s new favorite song is “Jingle Bells”…and we got to listen to that at least twice every hour that he was awake.

We had lots of good connections with people and even got to share about Musana with staff at Camp Barakel (Michigan) and with Calvary Bible Church in Dugspur, Va (the church that my grandpa was a pastor at for 43 years; I grew up going there, especially in summers when camp was in session).  We ended our trip with a family reunion in Virginia (picture above).  All 5 of my mom’s siblings and all of their children were able to make it to my grandparents’ house over Thanksgiving — a pretty amazing feat!  We had a great time and will treasure the memories as we head back for a few years to Uganda.

We included several pictures from the trip in the November photos on the photos page of the website.