Matching Donation Matched!!!!


In November of 2010 Musana Camps Received a generous matching gift of $100,000.  As of December 13, 2011 just over a year later all of the funds to match the original gift have come in.  Please join us in praising God for these amazing gifts.

The funds from the completed gift will help tremendously in getting some of the initial infrastructure and development completed at the camp.  We have been able to move forward on some of these projects as the money has come in and some are still waiting to be finished.  Now that all of the fund are in we are able to start moving as we are able on all of the projects.  We are so thankful to everyone who gave towards this.

The projects covered by the completed gift include a water security project, meeting/dining hall, medical clinic, dump truck, finish squatter compensations, remaining land and lawyer fees, Ugandan staff house, and purchase a compactor for construction.