Starting the good bye’s


It definitely feels surreal that we are headed back to Uganda in 2 days!  Most of our bags are packed and we are just trying to tie up last-minute details, catch a last doctor appointment, etc.  We had a really good time in North Dakota in December and the first part of January.  Because of Christmas and New Years, we were able to spend a lot of time with Syd’s family as well as connect one more time with some friends.  Syd even got a chance to go skiing for a day with his sister, Keisha.  It was hard leaving North Dakota and saying good-bye to our family there, knowing that we likely won’t see some of them for 2 1/2-3 years (and kids grow really fast!).  We enjoyed a little bit of extra time with Syd’s parents as they helped us to drive out to Wisconsin so that they could return our borrowed van to N. Dakota.  They were able to stay in Wisconsin for a full day–which was extra fun because there was fresh snow to play in!!!  We were afraid we were not going to see any this season!

We have said good-bye to all of our extended families now; and this past weekend, our church here in Wisconsin (Calvary Community Church) prayed for us, commissioning us for this next term of service.  We are hoping for better internet this next term to stay better connected with people here in the states–we’ll see whether that wish is granted! :)  It’s been great to be here in the states these months and have opportunity to spend time with so many people!