CTV Team


This past week we enjoyed having 16 people from Pennsylvania and surrounding states out at the camp. The group came from the Bouffard’s church. On our east coast trip in November we had actually stopped by the church to drop off a bunch of totes with supplies for the camp from a camp shower that our church in Wisconsin put on. So it was fun to re-meet the pastor and 2 of the team members here in Uganda. The team had a variety of things they helped with–painting the Bouffard’s house, building a shed for the Bouffards, doing a outreach at a local school, and building a mud house for one of our staff members. It was fun to have a group here again to host. It’s nice to have times of quietness to get things done, but people are the heartbeat of any ministry! Anyway, we were able to post some pictures on our photo page. Thanks CTV team members! It was great having you here!