Jonathan and Mirembe


We had a great week at Kasana, catching up with friends there.  We got to spend some time with the kids in Ebenezer family-wow did they grow in a year!  The above picture is of Malachi playing with Jonathan, Godfrey and Florence’s (the Ebenezer family parents) little boy.  When we left, they still were not playing too much together as they were 6 months apart and just in their own worlds; so it was fun seeing them hitting it off this time!  Below are 2 of our girls, Enid and Irene, holding our Mirembe (Eva), and the family parents’ Mirembe (Faith), born only a week apart.  You can see that they are both doing very well!  No lack of food here!  It will be fun to see our kids grow up side by side with these kids; the only bummer…they live 4 1/2 hours apart!