Setting the Course


This past week we spent several days at NHU’s headquarters meeting with the leadership of NHU to discuss plans for the coming year at the camp and in particular the transition that will happen as the Bouffard family goes back to the US for their home assignment.  While Dave is gone I (Syd) will be picking up several of his responsibilities as I also try to step into program development at the camp.  My main focus during this next year will be to get our Men’s programming launched.

Seated from left to right are Nswemu Nathan, Dave Bouffard, Tal Anderson, Jay Dangers, and Medie Kanyike, with Jonnes Bakimi in the background.  Several of you heard that Nswemu had been in a serious motorcycle accident back in December.  You can still see the rods sticking out of his right leg in the photo above.  Please continue to pray for his healing as he is such a vital part of us.