When you think of “a murderer, a child abuser, a tyrant, a dictator, adulterer, or a drunk…” what do you think of a man or a woman… Most people will automatically have the picture of a man in their minds. The truth is that many times they are men.

Does this say anything about the state of manhood?

Every male grows up wanting to be a MAN. They may not verbalize it but they all want to be men.

What defines a man?
When do you become a man?
Where are we getting our definition of manhood from?
What is truth?

These questions and many more were the focus of our first Manhood weekend recently held at Musana Camps. It was excited to see the group of men being pointed to the Bible as the source of truth and as where we can look to for our definition of manhood.

We are hoping and planning that this will be the first of many such weekends.