The Andersons


We had a special treat this last week.  Bob and Pat Anderson were in Uganda while traveling and teaching for the Word of Life institute here and were able to stop out for a visit to see us and the camp.  Bob and Pat started the camp (Trail’s End Ranch) in Southeast Montana that I (Syd) grew up going to.  I spent many summers there as a camper and several as staff.  It was at Trail’s End that I really developed a love for camp ministry and set me on a course that led me here to Uganda to be a part of starting Musana Camps.

It was great to have them here and show them around a place half way around the world that they have a part in.  It was a good but short couple of days with them.  It also gave them a good taste of what our lives are like over here and also some good reminders of what it was like for them in the early days of TER.