1MoreChild Girls


We just had a great week of camp with 35 former street girls from Jinja.  1MoreChild has brought many groups since August 2010; we are glad to be partnering with them as they are on the front lines of caring for and getting children off of the streets.

In addition to Medie, Cristen, the Jacksons and us, there are 7 other singles who currently live on site.  Each of them have some connection with New Hope and are believers.  It was great to incorporate them more into the program this time around…and they really enjoyed getting to interact more with the campers because of this.  Us staff ladies all took turns teaching the girls, clearly presenting the gospel and talking about how the gospel message relates to being kind, honest, pure, and respectful—all traits that can be hard to live out for these girls.  All but 3 of the girls had been to the camp back in December; it was neat hearing Kendra and Cristen talk about the positive change that they saw in the girls from that time until now.  We pray that the Lord continues to work His transformation using both 1MoreChild and Musana.

More pictures will be coming soon on the photo tab, so be sure to check out some of the fun that was had!