Comings, Goings, and Celebrations


We had a fun and productive time with Jay, Vicki, and Julia Dangers when they visited last weekend.  They came out for some meetings, but we also enjoyed some great times of conversation.  The day that they arrived, we had a celebration supper that the Jacksons put together on behalf of the IY’s and Cristen leaving us (not celebrating that they were leaving, but celebrating their time with us!) and Namukasa graduating from New Hope Institute of Childcare and Family.  Namukasa came on staff while we were in the states, but since we returned, she has been at Kasana for NHICF.  We are looking forward to her returning soon to pick up her role as community liaison as well as doing camp book work.


Nathan and Kendra had bought a pig locally to butcher for the celebration supper.  Before its fateful day however they kept it near their house, tied up by its leg.  So now Malachi will often be found tying different stuffed animals as a pig.  He even tied my leg as I was doing dishes one day, saying that I was the pig. :)