Rain and our Meeting Hall


During the time that the 1MoreChild girls were with us (a Monday through Saturday), we had 9 inches of rain!  There was also plenty of sun, which means that a lot of that rain came as heavy downpours, many times with driving wind.  We were really blessed to have the meeting hall (which has been in use for almost a year) in order to keep activities and meals going.


However, there was one morning in particular that even with the meeting hall, all of the girls ended up running to their tents because the wind was so strong that only a small corner of the open-sided meeting hall was not getting wet!  Syd temporarily rigged up some tarps to try to keep the same thing from happening again.  We need to improve the building.  We’d like to put a 2-3 foot wall around the edges to keep rain from pouring in and then to place some canvas sides that can be rolled up or down to keep the driving rains out.  All of this of course takes more money.  We are very grateful for how the Lord has provided for so much at the camp and trust that if this improvement will be beneficial and glorifying to Him, that we will see the funds come in as needed.