Saying Goodbye


Perhaps you remember us mentioning that when we first moved back to Uganda, we were sharing our house with a short-term staff named Cristen.  Well, just this past Friday, we took her to the airport as her year commitment was finished – a sad day for us.  She was a huge blessing in many ways—helping with our kids, doing whatever, whenever when groups were here, and helping much with the financial/accounting part of Musana to name a few.  It’s neat how God brings different people at different seasons that fit so perfectly the needs of the moment!

The Sunday before she left, some of us staff went out on a boat ride to some of the nearby islands—a fun last excursion.  The above pic is from that boat ride.  There were some beautiful spots on this one island in particular (the hole in the rock and some “caves”)  An interesting, sad thing related to that is that these beautiful spots are claimed for different witchcraft purposes as is any such type of natural phenomenon in this area.  That being said, we were moved to worship as we saw the beauty that God had created there.