Baker Lutheran Church

It’s been several days now since we said good-bye to the Baker Lutheran team from Baker, Montana.  What a great group!  Each of the twelve that came had great attitudes and hearts that were ready to give as well as learn—a huge blessing in a team.  A few things they helped Musana with were welding trusses, painting homes and trusses, drawing maps of the site, building a ping pong table, and fencing a paddock for our cattle.


We got to be the NHU staff that accompanied the team on safari to Murchison Falls.  We will all forever remember that journey because of seeing the Lord’s protection over us when our bus “fell down” as Malachi put it.  While driving on a washboard section of the gravel road the driver lost control of the bus, and next thing we knew, were landing on our side.  Everyone was ok except for one of the team leaders who broke and fractured several ribs:(  We were so thankful though that the incident was not any worse.


One of the highlights of their time was spending an evening at Ebenezer Family when we were at Kasana.  The kids had planned a bonfire, games, and roasting maize.  It’s always fun to be with them even though our visits are far too spaced out since we moved to the camp.

It was great having people from home here with us and we were grateful for all of the ways that they helped and encouraged us and the camp.  Thank you!!