Construction Update


After a couple of months to catch up on finish work and smaller projects, the construction crew is back and working in high gear. We are currently working on expanding our storage room, which is a project we started almost two years ago. It will be great to see this completed. The increased storage will give us places to keep the growing supplies that a growing camp needs ie… games and program supplies, food and cooking supplies, bedding and mattresses. It will even include a camp canteen or snack shop/store.

It will also allow us to create a much needed office space where much of our supplies are currently stored. Following the expanded storage rooms will come a temporary kitchen (we still hope to one day build a permanent kitchen), additional showers (4 showers for groups of 50 are not enough), and then the permanent camp workshop that we have been anticipating. More photos will come soon as progress continues.

Much of this has been made possible from people who gave to the matching gift in 2011 and to the Dakota Project.