Family update


Thought we would throw in a little update about us as a family.  Malachi is a super active, LOUD, social, very helpful 2 ½ yr. old.  Even now, I took a “break” to chase him down the hallway playing “tag, you’re it” as he calls it.  It’s hard to say what he likes best – helping in the garden, workshop, or kitchen.  He loves when John and Hannah come over (although we’re still working out the kinks of sharing, etc. J) and he also gets really excited to go over to the “site” each day to eat posho and beans with our staff.  Music makes Malachi come alive and is a great excuse to bang on a drum; he especially likes Psalty – Kids’ Praise, a blast from my past.


Eva is a cheerful, content little 8 month old now.  She is crawling all over now and loves “talking” to us all.  Verdict is still out, but it seems that her “mum mum” and “daa daa” are referring to us.  She LOVES watching Malachi and trying to join in with him now.  We haven’t gotten her started on too much food yet, but she sure likes the banana, avocado, and rice cereal and apple that we have given to her.  She is at the stage now where she would rather be standing, although she is still sitting and crawling much more than standing.  Many people here comment on how she seems to fit her name “Mirembe” which means peace.


Syd is super busy with camp things, trying to lead well as the Lord continues building this place.  We are better about taking time off since coming back; so on his days off he’ll often be working in our garden or up in the workshop on some project.  He made some really nice stools and is currently putting a little desk in our room.  The garden has been a good learning experience—weeds and bugs just take over here!  We’ve gotten lots of produce, but much of it has gone bad because of worms.

I am at home most of the time, raising kids and cooking and cleaning.  When groups come, I enjoy getting involved in different ways whether helping with meals, cleaning, or helping with program and teaching ideas.  I’ve been able to slowly read some good books lately—some related to biblical womanhood.  It’s been good to think through as we look into teaching about it here and it is convicting and challenging to me personally as well!