Construction Update


Construction has been running full speed here at Musana.  In an effort to build our enterprise division here at camp and begin making income that will subsidize our operations we are boosting our cattle program.  In the photo above you’ll see we’ve begun building a house and storage room for our herdsman.

In the picture below are the new showers that we have added.  They will be a big help though they will remain vacant rooms until we can come up with the funds to finish the campsite water system and make them usable.



The photo above is our storage room addition and it is almost complete.  It only needs shelving and a few finishing touches and it will be ready to move in… and none too soon as we have completely overgrown our current storage room.  The exciting part of this is it will even have a camp canteen.

The last photo in this update is of the beginning of our camp workshop.  Many thanks to the people who gave to the Dakota Project and helped to make this happen.