Medical Outreach


This past week we were privileged to have 2 groups of “volunteers” here from the states at the same time.  Nathan and Kendra have a team of 5 people (including Nathan’s sister) here for 2 weeks to do various construction projects.  At the moment, they are up at Kobwin Children’s Center for a few days to do some projects there.  In the midst of the teams’ time at the camp this past week, a doctor and his wife and son from Rapid City, SD joined us for 2 days of medical clinics.  Because of the brevity of time, we geared the outreach just toward helping children with medical needs in our area.  In the 2 days, they figured that they saw over 200 children as well as several adults, including some of our staff.  They came well equipped with  different medicines, and some of our staff and the other team shared the gospel and prayed with the kids that came.  The clinic was received very well and we were grateful for such a tangible way to show our care for the community and share the gospel message.


Oh, and another exciting part about it that I didn’t mention is that we held the outreach in the shell of our own clinic.  So this was the first time that the clinic was used!