We’ve been blessed lately by some great volunteers.  During the Masulita group, we had 8 people come out to help for the week.  Syd did a mini staff training and everyone did a great job helping with or leading activities as well as helping clean plates, etc.   We had these volunteers stay in the tents with the kids which was a great experience for them and helped to create some bonds between staff and campers.  At the end of the week, we had fun taking some “cabin” pictures.



The other 2 people that have left their imprint here are Joshua and Joyce, our Investment Year students that just left after serving with us since June.  It’s great to have IY students with us and we really couldn’t have made it through these busy couple of months without these guys.  We all come to really love them (our kids included!) and see them as part of the Musana staff and then they leave:(  From what we hear, there are a bunch of people hoping to do their Investment Year placements here at the camp – it’s good to hear that this is a place that people not only want to come to as campers but also as staff/volunteers.