On Thursday, September 27, Dan Isaac Jackson was born!  He was very healthy and Kendra had a safe delivery.  Thank you for praying with us for this!  The Jacksons came back to the camp 5 days later or so and we have really enjoyed having them around again!  They too were glad to get back home…and just in time for their church team to come for a week and a half.  More on that later.

Medie and Eva

Two days after Dan was born, Medie and Eva got married—a very joyous occasion!  There were probably 600 people present for the wedding and it was an all day affair—10-6pm!  A bus of 30 some people from the camp came for the day.  Unfortunately, they didn’t get there until AFTER the ceremony.  They were there for a lot of the reception and they had a short tour around Kasana which they enjoyed.

Syd was the best man in the wedding, so we had a very full weekend, especially since the cultural “Introduction” (the bride and grooms families officially meeting) was on Friday afternoon which made for two busy days back to back.

Two highlights of the day were seeing Medie’s father and mother (both Muslims) join Eva’s father (Uncle Jonnes) in singing and dancing to one of Uncle Jonnes’s cultural songs that praised God.  In fact many of the family members got up and danced it was quite exciting.  They really joined in and celebrated the day.  I continue to hope and pray that God will use Medie and Eva to bring Medie’s parents and family to himself.

The other highlight was hearing Medie’s personalized vow.  It was very honoring to the Lord and Eva, but also very counter cultural in how he clearly stated that he would marry Eva only and no other women when polygamy is so rampant.

We are SOOOO excited to have Eva join us out here at the camp.  She will be working part-time for the next couple of months and then adding on some hours as the new year starts.  She is skilled and gifted in many areas and takes her own initiative which is such a blessing for us at this point.

Thanks for the many that prayed with us for their wedding!