Camp again

Jonathan Family 2012

After almost 2 months of no groups at camp, we were excited to have Jonathan Family from Kasana Children’s Center with us again.  They had come one other time–back at Easter 2010.  A LOT has changed now!  We were still living in the original house over at the site and there were still no other staff to help with the retreat.  Well, I take that back…Medie wasn’t on staff at the time, but he came for the weekend to help out.  That was his “training time” so to speak.  But otherwise, Syd and I were doing everything.  It was exciting to be able to offer Jonathan family a much better program this time, from speaking/teaching, to meals, to activities.

Our teaching was centered around the topic “Grace–Better than we deserve”.  As I have been starting to listen to Christmas music, reading Christmas books to the kids, etc. I have had our teaching on God’s grace fresh in my head/heart and it has made the Christmas story all the more beautiful this season.  We are so undeserving and God is so full of grace in sending His precious Son to earth in such a humble way knowing that one day, Christ would take on Himself all of the wrath of God against all of OUR sin.  Songs like “Joy to the World” and “O Holy Night” are that much more poignant this year.