with Emily

You know that feeling when you have been looking forward to something for a long time, and then there is the excitement of the event happening, and then it is over?  That’s how we felt when my sister, Emily, left.  We were blessed to not even go a year being here without seeing family!  Emily came for 2 weeks at the beginning of this month.  Looking back, they were a blur…but lots of great memories!

Malachi and Eva had lots of great play time with their aunt, especially since we had a couple of staff meetings (one all day one!) during her visit during which she watched the kids so that I could attend, distraction-free.  Eva was a bit sick during part of the time which made for a not-so-fun fussy spell for her, but we had a great time all the same.  Lots of catching up, telling stories, etc.

Right at the end we took a family vacation for a few days to Ssese Islands, Uganda on Lake Victoria.  It was SO nice to get away and truly relax and spend time together as we have not really done that since our staff retreat in June.  Malachi had a blast playing in the water and sand and he loved riding on the “ferry ship”.  We were really thankful for Emily coming and it was especially nice as her visit was right around Thanksgiving!