Staff Envisioning

Staff Photo 2012

Mid-November we had our first ever all-staff envisioning day at Musana.  Jonnes and Jay did the teaching for the day, mainly centered around why the camp is here, focusing on biblical manhood and womanhood.  Through the discussion that day, we found out a few ideas that local people have about Musana’s purpose:

1)   we are building an army (possibly because of the security guards we have hired?)

2)   we are trying to chase everyone away (this comes from a few of the squatters; however we are NOT forcing anyone, just compensating; and most of the people that were compensated are now our neighbors and some of them have jobs with us)

3)   a “new” colonization trying to impose our laws/rules (we have held people to UGANDAN laws regarding property usage; but many people do not recognize their own country’s laws as up until Musana was established, people in this area lived according to their own “laws”)

Ouch!  So glad that we helped staff (guards, garden workers, etc.) get a VERY clear picture so that they can help people in their communities understand!

All that aside, there was some really good teaching and one of our staff ladies (the lady seated with yellow patterned dress in picture above), who has previously claimed to be a believer, stated at the end of the day that through the teaching, she now had a RELATIONSHIP with God through Christ…which she said she hadn’t had before!!!  So neat to see God working!!  We didn’t even think to pray that someone would come to know the Lord through our staff envisioning day!

Thanks to all who are behind this place and praying for us and all that goes on here!  Please continue praying for our relationship with the community as well as staff unity–that Musana Camps will be a light in this area.