Christmas 2012


Christmas for us this year was filled with some of the usuals—listening to lots of Christmas carols, putting up a tree and a manger scene, making cookies (and finding gluten-free recipes this year!), and watching a Christmas movie or two.

Some of the different things that stuck out to us this year were:

  • having a staff Christmas party in which cooked bananas and fresh pineapple were part of the main course and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” was sung (and danced to!!!) in 14 different languages
  • enjoying an informal Christmas Eve service around a campfire
  • delivering bags of gifts to some widows in our community
  • enjoying Christmas day with green grass, 80 degree temps, and wearing shorts.
  • watching “The Nativity Story” and being blown away again by the scandalous way that God chose to send His Son into the world.  God’s grace is so amazing…so beautiful even as shown in how the King of the universe didn’t need to come with great pomp.  A humble entrance was sufficient in order to write the finishing touches to God’s redemptive plan.  And although He came humbly, we know that one day EVERY knee will bow before HIM, and EVERY tongue confess that HE is Lord.

We trust that you have had a Christ-filled Christmas, full of His hope, peace, and joy, no matter what your circumstances!