Envisioning 2013


The 2nd week of January, we headed to Kasana for New Hope’s annual “Envisioning” meetings.  We missed last year as we were wrapping up our time in the states and getting to meet our new-born niece; so it was nice to be back for the teaching and community.  The theme this year was “In Christ Alone” so all of the teaching topics were centered around this concept…really good.  One little thing we were challenged in was whether or not we were truly letting Christ transform every part of us–because if we are basing our life “in Christ alone”, then our appearance should even be transformed…joy radiating through us.  Unfortunately, I KNOW that there are days/times when joy is not the first thing that our children notice in me!

We enjoyed times of getting to visit with friends/co-workers at Kasana.  Staying at Kasana often makes us grateful for our living situation at the camp.  We don’t have national power, but we do have our small bit of solar power that we are able to manage as we need.  When we were at Kasana, the power was out for the first 4 days which meant that even our water supply was limited.  We often joke that whenever we come to Kasana, you can be sure that the power will go out and stay out for the entirety of our visit…because that is usually what happens! :)

Anyway, the other thing that was going on during this time was we were trying to get a few things fixed on our car.  Unfortunately when the day came to leave, the car still wasn’t fixed, so we pushed our departure back a day (which ended up being ok because Syd filled the day with meetings).  The car still wasn’t fixed the next day, but we had a tipper headed to the camp from Kasana that we needed to escort and fill with supplies AND we had a 66-person group coming to camp 2 days from then.  So we were able to borrow a car and travel back.  Meanwhile, we are slowly by slowly (“mpola, mpola” they say here) learning to not give a definite day or time for our return…because something inevitably comes up that delays us!!  Such is life.