New Years and old sickness

We have brought in the new year by reacquainting ourselves with an old sickness…malaria.  Since getting back none of us have been bothered by it, but on New Year’s Eve, we ended up in a clinic in Jinja trying to figure out why Malachi had such high temps (104.5 was the highest).  The doctor was very concerned and wanted Malachi to be admitted to a hospital which meant we had to travel to Kampala (another 2 hr. drive).  Long story short, we were able to get a second opinion in Kampala which kept us out of having to be admitted to a hospital but kept us at the doctor’s office until 11:30pm.  We drove to our friends’ home in Kampala and arrived just in time to see fireworks going off throughout the city to welcome in the New Year.  Over the next couple of days Malachi continued to have temps off and on (even after he finished his treatment!) which had us a little concerned.  In the end all he needed was to drink LOTS and LOTS of water to finish kicking the parasite out of his body.  It is pretty amazing how our God created water to bring life and healing in so many situations…and then called Himself the Living Water.  A good reminder of where we need to go for our life, health, and every need…He will never run dry!