Don’t Forget Your Swimsuit at Home


We were excited to welcome back 1MoreChild…this time, for the first time, with boys and girls combined for a total of 66 guests!  The co-ed arrangement didn’t seem to be a problem until they were getting ready to head down to the lake for swimming.  The kids are young (6-11years) SO THEY DON’T USUALLY WEAR CLOTHES WHEN SWIMMING.  We hadn’t considered this scenario before as it is not a usual issue in our culture!  Anyway, thanks to some giving people a few years ago, we have some girls’  swimming suits on hand (and the boys just wore underwear or shorts)  that we were able to lend out and they carried on as usual, having the time of their lives.

Once again, we really appreciated having the help of some volunteers for the week—5 former New Hope students as well as a New Hope staff member who did the speaking for the group.  We are realizing more and more that this is the way we need to take things if we have any hope of growing this place.  If Syd and Medie are always the ones to run/lead the whole program, it leaves them with no time to do any of the behind the scenes things, planning for the future, etc.   We really enjoy building into these “volunteers” that come as well, enjoying the chance for some deeper conversations about real life issues as relationships are built with them over time.

Anyway, the 1MoreChild kids had a great time as usual (they were crushed when the bus came a day earlier than we had planned to pick them up!) and heard some good teaching on who Jesus is—the different names He called Himself and how that applies to our lives.