Dakota Team


February brought an event that we had been anticipating for quite some time—the arrival of the Dakota Team!  This team always seems like family to us and a breath of fresh air.  Although different people have been on the team each year, the Dakota Team has come each February that we have lived at the camp—a total of 4 times.  Each time they are a huge help and this year was no different.  Some of the things that they did:

  • Lots and lots of painting was completed
  • Our original papyrus walls in our original house were finally replaced with some plywood walls
  • Lots of camp roads were fixed or built
  • Lots of different shelves were built for the office and store rooms
  • One man fixed different vehicles and things on buildings around camp
  • They even held a one-day medical outreach using our clinic shell

Half-way through their time, the team size was almost tripled as a number of people joined us from Kasana to visit with the team members and help as they were able.  Syd was running like crazy trying to keep everyone busy :)

About a week before they came, I had a little cough that started  to get worse and I started having fever, chills, and body aches throughout the day.  I tested for malaria and it was always negative, so we weren’t sure what was going on.  After a week of this, my body was really worn down and I wasn’t sure how I was going to have any strength to take care of the kids let alone cook for the team.  After picking up the team, our doctor friend on the team advised me to get a chest x-ray so that he could see if anything was wrong.  I zipped off on a boda, got the x-ray and he could tell that I had a form of pneumonia.  Within a day or so of starting treatment I started feeling so much better.  I was SO grateful for his help, especially since the doctor I had seen in Kampala the day previous had said to wait it out and come back in a week and a half or so!!

Malachi and Eva had a blast with everyone on the team here.  There was a 7-year old boy on the team that Malachi had a lot of fun playing with.   He also loved getting to ride in the truck or skid-loader with some of the men on the team.  Eva (who tends to be pretty clingy to us whenever new people are around) really warmed up to everyone which we were so grateful for!

We just said good-bye to everyone from Entebbe on Tuesday and Wednesday and were really sad to see them go.  They beat us home by a couple of days as our journey was unexpectedly extended by 2 days.  One day was for a fun reason as we stopped in at Word of Life Uganda to visit some friends (former directors of Trails’ End Ranch) who were there as Bible teachers for a couple of weeks.  The other day was for a not-so-fun reason—Malachi came down with a cough and fever really suddenly and after my experience with pneumonia, I was a bit hesitant of going all the way back to the camp only to have to come back in a few days later to see a doctor.  It ended up he had malaria (and bilharzia which we will treat for after he finishes his malaria treatment) and they wanted us to wait around until 8pm to see how he would respond to the medication…which put us in Kampala one more night.  All that to say, we were VERY excited to get home on Friday…and glad to get out of our 4-day dirty clothes!  I guess we should learn from these trips and pack a little extra whenever headed anywhere!

Thanks Dakota team members (and those who sent them!!) for all of your work and care for us and Musana!!