The Sound of Chain Saws = Stress Levels Rising

For the past 4 weeks there has been the constant sound of chainsaws reverberating throughout Musana.  Unfortunately, the chain saws are being used on our property…but not by our direction or approval.  One of the last couple squatters remaining to accept compensation (a lady named Nansubuga) has been incredibly hard to work with.  She has asked for outrageous amounts of money and is claiming things that are not legally hers.  It has been a long road of working with her and it seems that we are getting close…and now this.  It is as if she is going to soon make an agreement with us but not before getting as much money out of “her land” as possible before she leaves.  Unfortunately, what she is doing is completely illegal.  Even as a legal renter of property (which is what she is), you are not allowed to cut down trees without the title holders permission.  We have gone down to ask her to stop but she is in no way cooperative.  Please pray if you think of it…for the situation, but even moreso, for the Lord to transform her through all of this.  We are also considering a new approach to working with her…  Please pray for the Lords leading and guidance in this.  It has been a difficult situation.