Easter Biblical Manhood/Womanhood Retreat

Easter-RetreatOver Easter, we had about 20 leaders from Kampala come out to Musana for a retreat on biblical manhood and womanhood.  NHU leadership, Jay and Jonnes, and staff members, Jennie and Adhe did all of the teaching and it was phenomenal!  They did a wonderful job of communicating some hard topics.  There was lots of great conversation and wrestling with scriptural–but counter-cultural– ideas.  It was so neat to hear people’s testimonies of how they were changed and wanted to pass on this teaching:

“Thank you for a greater Resurrection Weekend.  One of the best retreats I have ever had with my family and friends”

“Thank you for putting this programme together and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.  It has been an intense weekend of learning, being challenged and having fun.”

“Challenged me fundamentally.  I will need an action plan to handle the material”

“It challenged me!  I learnt what it means to be a man from the point of view of God’s design….Can all these teachings be shared on radios, tvs, etc., nationally?!”

it challenged me…”to refocus my life’s purpose”  “by affirming the truth of God’s Word in my life.  It challenged me to be a better parent and a better wife”

“Encouraging me to enjoy my womanhood, my femininity and to be an EZER to my husband and help him to be all that God created him to be and to encourage other men that God brings my way in their manhood.  Also to be bold in challenging people in their relationship with God and the way it is foundational to their manhood/womanhood.”

It was so neat to see the potential of the camp seemingly explode.  The people who came are influential people who are now on the bandwagon for NHU’s teaching on biblical manhood and womanhood as well as wanting to book retreats/camps at Musana.  Thanks for the many that prayed with us for this event!  Glory to God!