End of April to mid-May was holiday camping season here at Musana.  We went into our camp season a bit frazzled as there had been a miscommunication about dates of our first camp.  All of the sudden Samuel Family was coming a week earlier than we had been planning for!  It all worked out beautifully all the same and we were excited for the impacting camp that took place.  The leadership from Samuel Family had planned some really heart-probing teaching times, talking about biblical manhood and womanhood.  A few of the older children of the family chose to accept the call into biblical manhood and womanhood.


Except for Samuel Family, we did not have any other bookings for May—we were a bit incredulous!  However, part way through Samuel Family camp, we received an email from our contact with 1MoreChild (the streetkids ministry that we have worked with many times), asking if they could book the remaining weeks of school holiday :)  So all of the sudden we were busy again—for which we were glad since this is why we are here!  It worked out great to have the World Race team out to help for these “surprise” weeks of camp.


On a separate note, we now have a new camp activity that is a huge hit—carpet ball, or box ball as some might call it.  Thanks to those who helped to build this whether through giving or labor!