“My Matthew”

my-mathewWe have had a new “family member” living with us since February – “my Matthew” as Malachi has affectionately called him from time to time ☺ Matthew comes from a family that lives and works on a ranch in Oregon. He just graduated high school this past year and decided to come over to help out and get some direction for his next step in life.

It’s been fun having him around and he has been a huge help to Syd, jumping in and helping wherever he was needed… what a blessing.  People growing up on ranches really know how to work!! ☺ Malachi and Eva have loved the extra attention as well—he has played many rounds of “Shut the Box” with Malachi…and Malachi is learning more about numbers as a result! It’s funny to see Malachi copying him in the little things such as putting jam on his bread or wearing socks all the time. He’s been a good person for Malachi to look up to!  Thanks Matthew for all of your help.