World Race


World-RacersIn April, we got an email from a lady named Tess wondering if we could host her World Race team during May.  Andrea had grown up in the same church as Tess so had known her for quite some time.  We didn’t know anything about the World Race (and our internet wasn’t working well so we couldn’t look it up), but we decided that knowing Tess, it would be sure to be a good experience!


The team of 7 arrived the day before our 1MoreChild camps began.  Despite arriving late at night (they came from town with Syd and other staff picking up supplies for the camps) and not really getting settled in, they jumped right into helping out for the week.  While the girls were at camp, the WR ladies were counselors, spending all day and night with the kids; and then when the boys came, the WR guys became the counselors.  It was great to have all of the extra help, even with games, serving and dishes, and teaching.  It was especially nice to have God-honoring, Christ-centered, servant-hearted people pouring into these 1MoreChild kids’ lives.


After the camps finished, the team helped out with various projects—helping finish our parking lot, planting grass at a round-about, and clearing down at the beach for where we are going to build a staff house/boat shed.  We had a great time hearing their stories from the ministries they had been part of during the previous 8 months.  We were blessed by all 7 of them and are grateful for their help and for the Lord causing our paths to cross.  Thanks Sweet Aroma Team—you lived up to your name!!