Calvary Community Church


Calvary-teamFor the 2nd time since we moved to the camp in 2009, we were privileged to host a team from Calvary Community Church in Wisconsin, my home church.  The team of 13 was great…and so diverse in ages!  The youngest on the team was 9 yrs. and the oldest was in his late 70’s!!  It was fun to have a team led by friends (the Haywoods) and even to have parents of one of my close childhood friends (the Swansons) on the team.  Another neat connection was that one of the men (Wayne) is a board member at Camp Forest Springs (the camp that Syd and I met at).  It was really neat showing him around Musana since it has been so impacted by CFS.  We were so encouraged and blessed through everyone…and the other staff loved getting to know the team as well.


Throughout the week, the team usually could be found down at the beach…not for swimming though!! (although some swimming was done:)  The team did an amazing job landscaping the beach—planting grass, putting in a fire circle, and planting trees.  Meanwhile, a skilled carpenter on the team, Eric, headed up the construction of a small house and storage building for a security guard and for swimming/boating supplies for the camp.  Time and resources ran out in the end, but the house was close to being finished—it looks so nice and will be a huge benefit for the camp!



In addition, the team led a one-day youth outreach at the camp.  They led games (even using some new equipment that Calvary sent over!), did crafts, and clearly shared the gospel with the students that came.  The team had really been hoping to have a full day of outreach, but we were only able to plan an afternoon.  It was neat how God worked—in the end they ended up doing a full day as there was a miscommunication and some of the kids came in the morning!!  One other unique thing that happened with this team was that they plannedfor 2 members to be baptized down in the lake.  We did the baptism the last day and a guy who had been at the camp for a week (to check it out as a future potential staff member), asked if he could be baptized too!!  That same day, Syd and Medie had to rush our co-worker, Mwanje, to the hospital as he almost cut his finger off doing some work that morning!  We were so grateful to be able to get in with an amazing plastic surgeon who reset the bone, and stitched up his tendon and flap of skin with no problem at all.  Mwanje’s finger is healing very well.


Thank you Calvary Team for coming and blessing us in so many ways—we all loved having you at Musana!  And thank you Calvary Community Church, for all of your prayers and for sending the team.